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House Mover Construction Vehicle: A large home builder approached the TWT Group to design and develop a prototype construction vehicle to enable his next generation home fabrication strategy. From a clean sheet of paper, TWT created the basic design of the “house mover” dual vehicle system along with a number of strategies and tools for integrating the vehicle with home fabrication, transportation, and installation. At least eight patents are pending for this innovative system.

In addition to providing key design and engineering services, the TWT Group was asked to become the owner’s representative and technical supervisor during the detailed design and construction phases. As owner’s representative, the TWT Group provided technical management and direction for the vendor’s engineering group, and verified that vendor’s sub-systems and contractor’s deliverables complied with technical requirements, contract budget, and schedule milestones.

Prototype Vehicles: The TWT Group has broad experience creating custom vehicle designs based on very diverse and
demanding requirements. Our projects cover a spectrum of applications, including cutting edge ride vehicles, passenger-carrying AGVs, space crew escape vehicles, autonomous fire fighting robots, and even a traditional trolley car.

TWT Provided:

Concept and Schematic Phases

  • Conceptual Designs
  • Preliminary Designs
  • Hydraulics
  • Systems Performance
    • Vehicle Specifications
    • House Foundation and Structural Requirements
    • Vehicle Control Systems Design, Modeling and Verification
  • Operator Safety Assessments
  • Vehicle Mock ups and Prototypes
  • Computer Models and Animations
  • Vendor Recommendations

Detailed Design and Construction Phases

  • Owner’s Representation
  • Trade Studies
  • Controls Systems
  • Analyses
  • Factory-Construction Interface
  • Scopes of Work
  • Deliverables Matrices and Specifications
  • Design Review Management
  • Cost and Schedule Management