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TWT creates world class design and engineering solutions
for attractions, shows, and ride vehicles with complex-creative
and technically demanding requirements

Monitor, evaluate, and recommend action during a project life cycle including co-development of scope, budget, schedule, vendor pre-qualification, proposal evaluation, reviewing design, engineering, and production, witness testing, monitor installation and commissioning.

Provide technical oversight to a project team with focus on defining technical requirements early in the process, optimizing solutions to reduce risk and mitigating issues before problems occur, based on years of experience.

Support the creative and technical intent by developing a mechanical & control system design that is suitable for contracting the final design and implementation.

Develop concepts, iterate, perform mockups, and complete detailed design analysis of durable and safe show action equipment, animated props/figures, atmospheric effects, and other specialized systems that meet unique creative and technical requirements.

Develop leading-edge vehicle solutions for use in themed ride systems, people movers, and other specialty applications using existing and new technologies.

Manage all stages of the design development process from concept through to market release. Satisfy novel technical requirements through the development of new technology or the misapplication of existing technology.


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Star Wars

Engineering & Architecture

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Technical Management Services

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Apple Flagship Stores

Technical Management Services

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Technical Management Services

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Technical Management Services

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Concept Development

Engineering & Architecture

The following links summarize some of the patents that list TWT Group members as co-inventors. These particular patents help illustrate that The TWT Group has a long history of coming up with and developing unique innovative solutions for award-winning ride systems. TWT Group members have also significantly influenced the design covered in other patents that do not specifically mention a TWT participating member.